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MAPLE SYRUP is healthy for you and contains natural products good for a healthy gut.  These infused maple syrups complement our natural maple syrup which is produced in NJ in an ecologically sustainable area.

Our infused maple syrups include:

cinnamon vanilla



bourbon barrel aged

rum barrel aged


smoked with pecan wood

jasmine tea

and apple brandy

At Stonybrook Meadows we know how valuable your time is.   We have tried and tested many recipes at the farm and can easily suggest RECIPES for you for many if not all of our products.  When you order, ask about our recipes.


You may wonder about RAW HONEY and why there are so many types available.  We have tested many local honeys and found that the taste and flavor and manor in which this honey is packaged is ideal.  We utilize this as an alternative to sugar.  It has not been filtered nor heated.  It is all natural.

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