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Stonybrook Meadows Farm:


Ethics of sustainability drive our practices. All of our animals are raised on pasture. We believe happy and healthy land and animals are the basis for human and community health.


We raise Old Spot, Guinea Hog, and Berkshire hogs. Our sheep are Icelandic and Katahdin. Our flock of laying hens has over 8 breeds of chickens - all chosen for their ability to forage. 


Tastings and Educational Workshops are offered in the summer. Check the calendar for details.

Our History:


In 1997 Ann del Campo decided to build a farm for her and her daughter. Over time, the farm evolved from an equestrian center to focus on food production. 


Dr. Ann del Campo is the matriarch of Stonybrook Meadows. Her wealth of knowledge and lively personality make farm visits FUN. Ann began farming while managing her sucessfull career in preventative healthcare. It meant many extra hours of work, but she believed in the value of rasing her daughter on a farm, connected with natural systems.


After completing an undergraduate degree in Environmental Studies and Philosophy, Laura del Campo studied Permaculture and practiced traditional methods of harvesting, preparing, and processing foods before moving back to NJ in 2009. Upon return home, Laura trained as a professional chef at elements, Princeton while simultaneously helping to develop food production at the farm.




Our Market is OPEN all year


Including Saturday & Sunday.

Call Ann 609.577.8344

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